My New Baby/Mom Mobile

After 10 years, I finally got a new car!!  Or as I like to call it my "baby mobile."  I know, I had been driving in the stone ages.  My Mercedes did me well for the last 10 years.  And she's still running strong (she will now be Jer's car now...he'll drive it to work every day).  :)  But it was time, time to get something bigger to fit another baby in.

As soon as we got pregnant again we knew we would have to end up getting a new and bigger car.  We just weren't sure exactly what we wanted.  But over the past several months our new car criteria started to get narrowed down.  It got narrowed down to 2 main things: it couldn't be big and bulky (since I was so used to driving a car) and it had to have 3 rows so that we could grow into it if we ever decided to have a 3rd child mainly because I will likely drive this new car until the wheels fall off, we wanted to make sure it had 3 rows so we didn't have to eventually buy a new one in 3-4 years.

The only two SUV's that we liked, looked at and test drove were the Mercedes GL and the Lexus GX. They both had exactly what we wanted.  But the Lexus won due to the 20K price difference.

And as of last Monday (exactly a week ago) we are new owners of a Lexus GX 460 Luxury and couldn't be happier.  Although....we were LOVING not having a single car payment for several years. Ha.  
Last Saturday, while my parents watched Boston, we did most of the "car shopping" and decision making.  Then on Monday morning we headed back over to sign the papers and drive our car home.  But since we didn't have a sitter on Monday we brought the little guy with us.  We signed our life away...I mean, our paperwork, while he played his learning apps on the iPad.  
Ahhh keys in my hand and she's officially mine!!
She has so many bells and whistles that I'm still having to get used to.  I've never even had navigation. Ha.  I knowwww....I've been missing out big time.  I'm loving driving her and the best part....we are now ready for baby #2 since we now have a vehicle for baby to come home in!  We can now check that off our "to-do before baby comes" list.  :)



Welcome, 3rd Trimester

Hello there....3rd trimester!

Second trimester... you were really good to me.  Now let's hope the good trend keeps going from here on out.  :)

My inlaws are throwing me a shower and wanted a picture of me for the invitation so I asked my photographer aka "the husband" to snap a few shots of me real quick and this is what we came out with.

You could say that I'm fully embracing this baby bump thing.  I absolutely love it.  I loved it with Bossy and I love it with this bambino.  Buuut.... lets face it, with a short torso and being barely 5 feet tall, an extra 5lbs on me looks more like and extra 100lbs on my frame so I'm always that pregnant lady that tends to look more "chubby" than pregnant for most of my pregnancies.  So, I was hoping that being in a sitting position for these pictures wouldn't make me look too chubby.


We've Gone Industrial

A mixing of the lights around here....yup, this post is all about 2 lights that have changed locations.  
Bostons room has had this girly chandelier in his room since he was born.  And it was time.  Time to change it out for a big-boy-light.  So we headed over to home depot a few weeks ago and happened to notice a cool looking industrial light fixture that I thought would fit well in his new room.  It wasn't too colorful and it wasn't too fancy.  It was just right.  So we bought it.
And it sat and sat....and sat in our playroom for a good 4-5 weeks before we got off our fannies and hung it.  Well that was 2 weekends ago.  Mr. hung took the chandelier down and hung the $30 beauty pendant that we like to call silver hat (for reasons below).  :)
You can't hang a pendant light fixture until you try it on as a hat, right?  I thought so.
Here she is in all her glory.  She's puuurrfect!  Yeah, she was totally meant to be in this room.  The only hard part was deciding on how long she needed to hang down.  
I eye-balled it and gave the Mr. a thumbs up.  And I think it's exactly where it needs to be.  However, Jer was a little worried we hung it too low since he, "knows how boys are."  So we shall see.  :)
And one more because we love her so much.  
So, where did the chandelier go?  You'll see soon.



Goodwill Lamps Gone Good

A few weeks back I headed over to my beloved Goodwill in search of whatever I could find.  :)  Call me crazy but it's one of my favorite stores, ever.  Everything is cheap and diy-able.  Oh and the best part, each month they have one 50% off days!  Score. 

After perusing through most of the store, I headed over to the lamp section and there were a ton to choose from.  All kinds and styles.  I first spotted one glass lamp that I pretty much loved from the moment I saw it and then at the other end of the shelf I saw another one that was almost identical to it.  I was immediately sold.  I paid my 10 buckaroos and brought those babies home.  When I brought them home, Jer couldn't even notice the difference in them.  Since we are re-doing our master bedroom a bit (like our grid wall that I'll be posting about soon, fingers crossed) I needed to find some lamps of the prettier/classier kind.  And these were it.  
Since the parts were a little rusty and one of them didn't work I went ahead and got some new parts for them both and one lamp kit package for the one that didn't work.  It didn't matter what the "parts/hardware" looked like since I would be spray painting them all the same color.
The question was, what color did I want them painted?  These were my two choices and I loved them both. So, in the end, I chose both!  Why not give them a little two-toned action?  The Krylon was used for all of the "parts."  But the mint color was the real winner since it was chosen to give it some color on the outside.  
These $10 lamp shades from Lowe's were simple, cheap, white and round....everything that I was looking for.
Here's what we started with BEFORE:
The lamps did us good for over 8 years but it was time for them to go.  But no worries, they'll be getting a makeover themselves.
And here's one new beauty (on my side of the bed):
I LOVE how they turned out.  Especially that mint color.  They look like they cost a pretty penny.  But really, they cost a total of $60 for both!
You can see the satin nickel color we used for the hardware of the lamps.  It's pretty perfect if you ask me.  :)

So, what do you think?  Don't these lamps look better?  And doesn't that mint add the perfect touch of color?  



July 4th - 2014

Keeping true to my lateness....I thought it was only appropriate that if I was going to be late on our 4th of July post that I post it exactly one month later.  I mean, it wouldn't be the same posting about it on any other day, right?!  :)

So here she blows....
We always start our 4th of July festivities off with a firework show here in our hometown on the night of July 3rd.  They do a pretty darn good one.  And the best part is that its about 3 miles from our house so it's a quick trip for us.  It gets crowded but we found a perfect spot to sit where there are no crowds.  We set up shop aka our chairs, bring water and Off, although this year we forgot it and got a few bug bites.  Whomp whomp.
Dada caught this fella digging for something.  First time we'd ever seen this happen.  We had a good laugh.  Hope he got something good.  :)

Then the next day, we head over to our "true" hometown, Granbury, where both Jer and I grew up and attend the local parade that goes through the town and the square.  We met up with some friends and watched it by the side of the road this year.  Boston thoroughly enjoyed it.
Giving "5" to the go-cart driving during the parade.  
After the parade its tradition to walk over to the square and walk around eating horrible but good food, searching the vendor booths for something neat to buy and sweating profusely because of the heat and humidity.
Love seeing my man pushing our baby's stroller.  
Afterwards we usually end up staying around and watching the fireworks later that night, but since we had a flight out to California the day after next (and still had to pack), we decided to head home and spend the rest of the evening at our house as a family playing with sparklers in our backyard since we technically live in the "city."  It was another great 4th celebrating America.  The land that we love.

It's crazy to think that it would be our last 4th as a family of 3.  Next year we'll have an 8 month old by then.  Wowzers!



Baby Dos: 26 Weeks And Counting

Well hi there bumpity bump!!  I've been horrid (that was for you hubs! ha.) about keeping up with my weeks, but thankfully everything has been documented.  So one day....you know with all the free time I have these days....I can update this blog of mine for our blog book.  Side note: that "horrid" word is a word I use all too often for anything and everything and the hubs makes fun of me.  He thinks its funny but obnoxious at the same time.  :)  

So, let's talk about the bump turning 26 weeks.  It can be described as: fast.  This whole pregnancy has been on speed mode and so has the baby's growth.  This week, it's been a great week so far.  Although, I can't really complain about any of the weeks except for two early on where I had a few major headaches which I've never really had.  I've never really been a "headache" kinda person.  So to me they were migraines (which totally weren't, that I know of) because they hurt so bad.  I was O.O.C. (out of commission) for a few hours those days.  But here lately, things have been mucho bueno.

At night its a different story, for some reason I fill up too much on food during dinner that I feel like I'm carrying around 2 tons of water in my front area and I become really uncomfortable.  The hubs says it looks like I should be tipping over.  Ha.  When I feel so full I can't ever lay down for bed.  Ever.  It's just something that I've never been able to do.  Jer, he can lay down and fall asleep after eating a meal.  Not me!  I have to sit up until my food goes down.  Add that fullness with being pregnant and already filled up with a baby equals a little misery right before bedtime.  But that's okay because that's when we get our time to sit in bed, wind down, watch some recorded shows and watch the baby move in my belly!  The best time of day if you ask me.

Sunday, for the first time this pregnancy, I went into full on "nesting" mode.  Things had to get done....and soon.  Luckily Jer was on board, too.  So we sat down got our phones out and made a list of everything that we needed to get fixed/accomplished/diy'd before the baby comes.  What's funny is, most of the things on our list were non-baby stuff.  It was diy'ing things we wanted to do to our house.   Probably because we won't really fix up the nursery until the baby is born since we aren't finding out the gender.  Other than painting walls and setting up the same white crib Boston used.  So we figured, why not work on the rest of the house, first?!

There's one thing about me and pregnancy and that is that I start getting "large and round" about this time.  With Boston I started getting round in the face and feeling heavy along with retaining some water.  The other day I was convinced that my rings weren't going to come off for the remainder of this pregnancy because my fingers had gotten so swollen which I thought would be weird because that meant I would have to sleep and shower with them.  Ha.  Yeah, my mind is weird.  So expect to see chubby cheeks and some round-ness going on with this barely 5 foot frame from here on out.  :)


Our Week

I love capturing some of what we do during a week.  In a few years, I'll be able to remember what we did and when.  It'll be fun.  :)

Last week was pretty typical.  Grocery store, learning, worked out, had playtime with daddy before bed, made cookies, felt loved with a little love note left behind by daddy and had a Fun-day Friday.  

He's at the age that's so much fun.  He is about 90% independent and is super easy to get up and do things spontaneously with (not like you can with an infant with all the things you have to pack into a bag first).  If only he could stay 3 forever.    

Nonetheless, a week with him is always a fun week!



The Good Ol' Glucose Test

Confession: I've not been so good about updating this blog/memory journal throughout this pregnancy.  Life of a wife, mom and a small business owner can surely do that to you.  :) 

However,  I have managed to write everything down.  So very soon I'll be "back-dating" everything so that I can have it for our memory book when I make this years blog posts into a book!

Okay, so, let's get on to talking about good ol' glucose.  

Last Thursday at 24 weeks and 5 days I had an OB appointment scheduled.  It was a regular OB appointment where they took my pee, checked my blood pressure and listened to the baby's heartbeat.  Plus....a glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.  What you do is, drink this not so yummy sugary drink within 5 minutes, sit in the doctors waiting room for an hour, go back in and have blood taken.  They took 2 viles of blood.  One to check my blood sugar (the glucose test portion) and one to check for anemia for any iron deficiency.  Then you wait a few days for the results.

Well those few days ended today when my doctors nurse called to inform me that I had PASSED my glucose test.  Praise God.  If you know me, then you know I'm always a nervous nelly.  Over the weekend, I had even convinced myself that I had gestational diabetes.  Yup, after reading Mr. Google I was convinced I had it and started freaking myself out.  So to hear that my levels were normal was music to my ears.  

However, she did mention that my iron was a tad bit low and that my doctor wanted me to take an iron pill each day.  It's a bummer but I'll definitely take that over gestational diabetes. 

Now here's to praying that I don't develop preeclampsia, again!  



Train Ridin'

Bossy is still into trains.  Anytime we pass a train while driving that is moving he insists that we roll down the windows so that he can listen to the train rolling by.  It's the sweetest thing.  So, it's only normal that we actually get him on a train once in a while even in the hot Texas weather.  :)  
He's mesmerized every time.  And it warms my heart.  The train that we go on in Fort Worth is a mini train that's about a 30 minute ride.  We even stop for some popcorn and drinks on our way back to the station.  It's perfect.  
After building up an appetite from our snack on the train, we hit up Panera Bread that's close by for some grub.  Ham sandwich for him and salad and flatbread for mama.
Ohh and a lemonade slush for the drive home.  :)
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