33.5 Weeks and Bed Rest - Day 1

The time has come once again. The familiar bed rest orders from the doctor.  It's rather unfortunate for this hormonal, emotional, baby-carrying mama.  I remember last time I was put on bed rest (at 33 weeks) crying all-the-stinkin-time.  I couldn't gather myself.  I don't know, but maybe it was because I was put on immediate hospital bed rest instead of "home" bed rest like this time.  Which I am very thankful for.

Thankfully, my bp hasn't elevated to the point of hospital bed rest and we are praying like warriors that it doesn't.  Praying I can keep it down long enough to keep this baby cooking a lot longer than Bossy did.  The worst part of it all is that I again wasn't prepared for this.  I literally keep thinking of every thing I should be getting done, cleaning, packing, laundry, packaging orders, etc. before this baby arrives.  My hospital bag isn't even packed.

So how this started....last Friday I went to my doctor appointment and noticed that my blood pressure had elevated a little.  So she told me to go home and monitor it all weekend and if it went above the 140/90 mark to call her on Monday.  It did twice over the weekend so we made the call Monday morning.  However, we didn't get a call back on Monday so I called first thing Tuesday morning and got a call back from the nurse about an hour later telling me that Dr. K wanted me to come in later that day to check my bp and get some blood work taken.  At the appointment, it wasn't too high, it wasn't high enough for her to admit me into the hospital, but it was high enough for her to order me on bed rest at home until Thursday (tomorrow).  However, she did mention that if "home" bed rest doesn't work, it will be an automatic "go check yourself into the hospital" kinda day on Thursday.  What does bed rest mean?  It means I can only get up to shower and use the bathroom.  That's it.  And boy does it kill me.  I'm always on the go doing something and this is just the pits!  All of my motherly duties have been striped away and are now on the shoulders of my amazing husband.  I have 100% confidence in him but gosh darn it, I want to be doing it all.  Not to mention, he now has to work from home as much as he can with a toddler around until this baby is born.

All the while I'm laid up in the bed relaxing, watching daytime shows (which hasn't happened since the early months of Boston being born, tv is just something we never turn on during the day unless I let him watch a show or movie), responding to emails, blogging, editing pictures, checking my Facebook/instagram and sleeping.  Even though this was my first full day, there's been tons of guilt creeping up on me even though I'm constantly reminded by the hubby that I need to enjoy/take advantage of this down time before I have 2 kids that will be depending on me 24/7.    Easier said than done for this mama.  

To be continued....


backyard digging

Bossy has found his new hobby.  Digging.  He digs several times throughout the day.  I must say it's the cutest thing.  He'll tell me, "I'm going out to dig a little." And there he goes out the back door.  He keeps his rain boots next to the door, puts them on and heads out to his corner of the yard.  His daddy told him he could dig in that corner since it's the corner where we have the most dirt (for some reason our saint augustine grass won't grow in that region).  

I have to say, when I look out the back door windows and see him out there, it's the cutest sight.  Makes me smile every time.  He doesn't need some fancy smancy toy all he needs is a few tractors, a dump truck and dirt.  I can tell his imagination is exploding out there.  #forthememorybook



31 weeks

It's so fun being pregnant.  Probably because I've had it pretty easy.  If I'd experienced all the bad things like nausea and tiredness I wouldn't feel the same, but I have to say these two pregnancies have been very similar but yet different in their own ways.  Like, I feel like this baby is bigger.  And with bigger comes lots of uterus stretching.  And skin stretching.  And feeling very heavy.  This week that's exactly what I've been feeling.  Oh and braxton hicks contractions twice.  

We went in for our bi-weekly appointment last Friday and got to hear baby's heartbeat beating at 146bpm.  It always gives me such a sigh of relief.  Going a month or even two weeks not getting to hear it can always be a little worry-some but as soon as they put that dopplar to my belly and a loud thumping noise starts to fill the room, all worries fly out the window.  I can breathe knowing that baby girl/boy is still growing right along.  

I've had lots of swelling lately.  Mainly at night when I've been on my feet all day.  I'm at the stage where my face, nose and lips get big.  Not all women get puffy in the face but I get to be one of the lucky ones that gets the swollen face look.  So beware.  Not to mention, I get to experience "pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome" in my right wrist.  It happened with Boston, too.  When it happened the first time my doctor told me to get a brace to wear on that wrist to help with the symptoms.  So I pulled that baby out again this pregnancy and only wear it while I sleep.  And let me tell ya, it's real sexy.  :)  The sweetest, though, is in the mornings when Boston comes walking downstairs to wake me up he always asks, "Mama, may I take this off now?" So he does.  That's kinda his "thing" to do now when he sees me wearing it.



August Random Happenings

August has flown by.  I can't even believe we are approaching September....and the fall season.  However, it is a exciting since fall means baby. :)  Here's a peek at a little of the things that we've been up to.

Pei Wei lunch after church.  Most times we go to church on Saturday evenings which we love so much.  By the time we get out of church its perfect timing for dinner.  But this one weekend, life happened, so we ended up going on Sunday and had a family lunch with some yummy Asian food.  
Our go-to snack is still yogurt and granola.  It's Bossy's breakfast every-single-morning, too.  But since I've been craving protein and dairy I've joined in on the action each day.
 Sometime during the 27th week (in a $9 walmart dress).
 During the 28th week.
Another one of my walmart dresses that I got a few weeks back for only $9!  I bought them, tried them on and surprisingly they fit perfectly and so comfy.  The perfect summer/pregnancy dress.
 A weekend outing for dinner to Spring Creek Barbeque.
 Soccer practice for B-man.  He loves it....a lot.
 Looking like such a big boy.  Quit growing, please.  Please!


First Soccer Season For The B-Man

That's right....little man is playing SOCCER!!  What what!!  We are thrilled...actually beyond thrilled for him.  He's about to turn 4 in October so he's now eligible to get on a 3 and under team.  This season is going to be so much fun.  A few weeks ago we signed him up, paid our money and the next weekend, we headed out to the local sports store for all of his "gear."  And, of course, we made it a big deal. It was definitely a family affair.
The soccer cleats and the shin guards were ah-dorable!!  I couldn't get over how cute and little they were.  His cleats were a size 12 and his shin guards were size xs small, you know, for 3-4 four year olds.  Buuutt, the shin guards unfortunately ended up being way too small.  Mister has some thick calves, apparently.  Ha.  
Two weeks ago we got our first email from his coach introducing himself and giving us all of the information about the team.  And one of the things he mentioned was the their team name.  The Sidekicks.  What's cool, is that's the exact same name of the team that I grew up playing on from 4th grade to 9th grade (until I reached high school)!  I could't believe it.  Since my dad was my soccer coach growing up, I immediately text my dad telling him.  It was too cool.

So, like any other "firsts," we had to document his first soccer practice last Friday.  I'm sure to be that mom at the practices and games that are taking loads of pictures and videos on the sidelines.  Ha.  But I'm okay with that.  Oh and at one point, I went onto the field to get a closer picture, Boston saw me and yelled, "Get out of the game, mama!"  Haha.  I couldn't stop laughing!!  :)

We got a little headband for him to wear for his games so that his hair stays out of his face while he's playing.  You know, so he can focus on making those goals.  :)
We are so happy with his coach.  He's so calm and patient with the kids.  We couldn't have gotten a better one.

Our little soccer stud.  This would be a great "wedding day" slideshow picture....his first season of soccer at the age of 3.  Ha.
We are so excited for this season and can't wait to watch him grow as a soccer player!



My New Baby/Mom Mobile

After 10 years, I finally got a new car!!  Or as I like to call it my "baby mobile."  I know, I had been driving in the stone ages.  My Mercedes did me well for the last 10 years.  And she's still running strong (she will now be Jer's car now...he'll drive it to work every day).  :)  But it was time, time to get something bigger to fit another baby in.

As soon as we got pregnant again we knew we would have to end up getting a new and bigger car.  We just weren't sure exactly what we wanted.  But over the past several months our new car criteria started to get narrowed down.  It got narrowed down to 2 main things: it couldn't be big and bulky (since I was so used to driving a car) and it had to have 3 rows so that we could grow into it if we ever decided to have a 3rd child mainly because I will likely drive this new car until the wheels fall off, we wanted to make sure it had 3 rows so we didn't have to eventually buy a new one in 3-4 years.

The only two SUV's that we liked, looked at and test drove were the Mercedes GL and the Lexus GX. They both had exactly what we wanted.  But the Lexus won due to the 20K price difference.

And as of last Monday (exactly a week ago) we are new owners of a Lexus GX 460 Luxury and couldn't be happier.  Although....we were LOVING not having a single car payment for several years. Ha.  
Last Saturday, while my parents watched Boston, we did most of the "car shopping" and decision making.  Then on Monday morning we headed back over to sign the papers and drive our car home.  But since we didn't have a sitter on Monday we brought the little guy with us.  We signed our life away...I mean, our paperwork, while he played his learning apps on the iPad.  
Ahhh keys in my hand and she's officially mine!!
She has so many bells and whistles that I'm still having to get used to.  I've never even had navigation. Ha.  I knowwww....I've been missing out big time.  I'm loving driving her and the best part....we are now ready for baby #2 since we now have a vehicle for baby to come home in!  We can now check that off our "to-do before baby comes" list.  :)



Welcome, 3rd Trimester

Hello there....3rd trimester!

Second trimester... you were really good to me.  Now let's hope the good trend keeps going from here on out.  :)

My inlaws are throwing me a shower and wanted a picture of me for the invitation so I asked my photographer aka "the husband" to snap a few shots of me real quick and this is what we came out with.

You could say that I'm fully embracing this baby bump thing.  I absolutely love it.  I loved it with Bossy and I love it with this bambino.  Buuut.... lets face it, with a short torso and being barely 5 feet tall, an extra 5lbs on me looks more like and extra 100lbs on my frame so I'm always that pregnant lady that tends to look more "chubby" than pregnant for most of my pregnancies.  So, I was hoping that being in a sitting position for these pictures wouldn't make me look too chubby.
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