We Had A Baby!

Navy Cross Cook
October 15, 2014
7lbs 10oz

We are so in love with our new little fella.  

Birth story coming soon.



Babymoon Getaway

Jeremy and I headed out of town for little getaway aka "babymoon" for some relaxation before our second baby enters the world.  It was a chance for us to be us, spend time alone together and relax!  We originally thought it would be fun to go to Mexico to the beach but since I'm well into my 3rd trimester and I hit 31 weeks the day we left we knew it would be wise to stay local.  Local being 3 hours away to Horseshoe Bay, TX near Austin.  It's a resort that's on a lake (with a swimable beach), golf, restaurants and 4 pools.  Pretty perfect for what we were looking for.  

The drive down was nice since we got to take our time.  We stopped to have lunch, took our time and stopped for a craving I was having....a strawberry slush.  My favorite part is all the fresh strawberries at the bottom.  :)    
the obligatory weekly belly photo picture - 31 weeks
once we got settled into our hotel room we took a nap!! yes, it was blissful.  then we headed over to the other side of the resort (the lake side) to check things out.  while we were there we stopped and had some dinner by the lake.  
before dinner we noticed that a band was starting to set up right next to the lake so after dinner we headed over to listen to them a bit.  it wasn't really our kinda music (maybe because we were a little young) but they were really good.  
once the place started filling up, we headed back over to our area of the resort and ended our night by roasting some smore's.  delish.  
The following morning I woke up with upper belly pain so I called my doctor and she said if it didn't go away after 30 minutes to head to the ER.  So that's what we did.  Thankfully, as soon as we got to the parking lot, the pain completely went away.  To make sure all was well, I got out of the car and walked around a little to see if it would come back.  I got back in the car and laid my seat back to see if it would come back while laying since that's how it started and nothing!  So we made the decision to head back towards the resort.  Before we went back we stopped at the local breakfast cafe that was supposed to be the place to eat.  I think it's even been featured on the Food Network.  And it was delish.  
Since the morning started out really early for us we went back to the room and slept till 1pm.  I can't remember the last time we did that.  It was blissful I tell ya.  Naturally we woke up hungry so we headed down to one of the restaurants at ate outside for lunch.  
After lunch we got ready and headed over to the other side of the resort to the "beach" area by the lake.  
This was 26 person hot tub.  Never seen anything like it.  
My view while relaxing by the lake.  Since it was labor day weekend, there were lots of boats and jets skis on the lake.  I grew up on a lake and miss it.  It's so much fun to boat ride, ski and then park near a beach area and grill off the side of the boat.  So much fun.
After our lake day, we headed over for some yummy grub.  Steaks and dessert.  :)
Our last morning, we got up and went to explore the rest of the resort before we headed back home.

Cutest little baby turtle walking from lily pad to lily pad. 
We had so much fun and it was exactly what we needed.  Lots of relaxation and fun.

I highly suggest this resort if you live nearby.  It's amazing.  Some where that would be fun to take a lot of people to for a mini-vacation because there's so much to do.  Especially for children.  



Boston and His Soccer Goals - Videos

This little guy is doing pretty darn good at this soccer stuff.  Makes us so proud.  We weren't exactly sure how his first season of soccer would go but it's been surprisingly well.  It's the funniest thing ever to watch these little 3/4 year olds run around kicking the ball.  There are lots of missed kicks, tripping over the ball and standing around.  Hilarious.  

Bossy made 3 goals during his first game but had a dry spell on his second game then came back and scored 2 goals during his second game.  And just today, he scored again!  

These videos are for our memory book.  :)


Boston Turns 4 Years Old

Our sweet baby boy turned 4 yesterday.... Happy Birthday, Boston James!

You are an amazing little kid.  Daddy and I often stare at you while you are talking to us, sleeping or even just riding in the car and we are in constant aww that you are our son for eternity.  We feel extremely blessed to get to be your parents.  We are so excited to experience life with you. 

We constantly talk about how "cool" you are // You have such an awesome and loving spirit // You are a comedian // You tell me sweetly that you'll miss us when you leave to go somewhere without me // When you are in trouble you love to ask for hugs // You know how to pull on our heart strings even when we are trying to be strict....like when you are supposed to be in bed but come down stairs 2-3 times after we've taken you to your bed over and over...you will walk in and say, "Heeyy, what's going on?"  with your hand on your hip.  And it makes us laugh // You love to tell mama, "I love you and the baby."  And when you want to make me laugh you like to say, "I love you, the baby and the boods (boobs)!" And even though mama shouldn't laugh she just can't help it which makes you say it even more // You are so independent, you love to do things yourself // You don't like the word "No" // You aren't afraid of much // You love to wrestle with dada // You are very rough and tumble // You are intelligent // You love to make the i love you sign with your fingers and want us to do the same so that we can touch fingers to "kiss" them, its the sweetest

Your day started off with you waking up to a room full of balloons.  
 Since mama had an unexpected doctor appointment to check on the baby we decided to open your presents before we headed out to the doctors office. 

For the past year you had been requesting a telescope for your birthday and then within the last couple of months you have wanted a crane to play with outside with all of your bulldozers, dump trucks and tractors.  While we were out shopping for your birthday presents we also picked up Wacky Lab dinosaur kit.  We knew you would love it.  It's a kit that has rocks that you chip away to find all the bones to the dinosaur.

Once you opened your presents, we headed over to the doctor appointment and found out that mama would be admitted into the hospital for 24 hours to watch the baby which was not what mama had in mind for your birthday.  However, before we headed to the hospital we got to have a breakfast together as a family.  :)
Once mama was checked in, you and dada stayed for a little bit and then headed home to let you play with your new toys!  You were so excited to get back home to play with them so that's what y'all did. Dada set up the crane, taught you how to use the remote control (which you call the kamote control, ha) and y'all played!  

After dada laid you down for nap and only laid there for minutes because you were veto'ing a nap dada set up a little "donut cake" with a #4 candle for you.  He sang Happy Birthday and let you eat powdered donuts for the first time.  And, of course, you loved them.  :)
You ended the night by going to see mama in the hospital.  Mama was SO so happy to see you and she can't wait to celebrate your birthday when she gets home.

We hope your day was awesome and we love you so much, Bossy.  More than we can ever express.  Thank you for making us parents and loving us so much.  We are truly so lucky.

Always and Forever,
Mama and Dada

Here are two videos from your day that dada took.


Bed Rest Still Stinks and Update On Baby - 34 Weeks

So last Thursday we went in for the check-up that I mentioned in my previous post.  It was a check-up to check my blood pressure.  But that wasn't it....we also got to see our baby!  That was the best part of the whole week.  We hadn't had a sonogram and seen our baby since week 20 so it was pretty dang awesome to get to see it and how big it had grown.  

My blood pressure wasn't too bad when they checked it but it wasn't good enough for me to end my bed rest stint.  So I'm still stuck on bed rest until my next appointment this coming Friday.  However, I'm so thankful it wasn't high because that would have caused her to immediately admit me into the hospital.  So I get to stay on bed rest at home which is better than last time.  Being home with Bossy and Jer helps so much.  I remember last time being on bed rest in the hospital and even though we didn't have a toddler and Jer worked from the hospital 24/7, he often had to leave to get a change of clothes and let our dog out to pee.  Each and every time I would cry like a baby because he was leaving.  I was a total ball of emotional hormones (or you could say I was a "basket case.")  And if you know anything about blood pressure, crying doesn't it help go down at all!  Soo, I'm so very thankful that I get to spend my time here in my own home where I'm most comfortable and I don't have a nurse coming in every 2 hours poking and prodding and taking my blood pressure.  I remember constantly being woken up in the middle of the night to get blood drawn (to make sure that my liver was functioning properly) and getting my bp taken.  It was the pits.  

During the sonogram, they did what was called a biophysical test on the baby.  Checking all of the organs, measuring it and the fluid to make sure it was A-ok.  And it was!  It got a perfect score of 8/8.  They told us that the baby was weighing in a 5lbs 4oz already which put as at ease because we now know that if it came early (even within the next week) that it would be big enough to do very well in the NICU.  Doctor said that by next Friday's appointment it should be right at 6lbs if everything is still functioning properly.  Preeclampsia can often cause a delay in fetal growth because of the restricted blood flow to the baby.  

Bossy was 5lbs 12oz when he was born at 34.5 weeks and he was perfectly healthy.  He went to the NICU for 3 days under what was called a "feeder grower" baby.  All he needed to do was eat to grow more.  We were beyond blessed that he didn't need any tubes, incubator or oxygen during his stay in the NICU and we are hoping baby #2 will have the same experience since it's on the bigger side already.  
As I sit here and lay in bed, I start thinking about how fun and excited I am to see what this baby is.  Boy or Girl.  It's gonna be so fun to hear Jer announce the gender when its born.  I remember so vividly when he did that when Bossy was born and I'll never forget the emotions that ran over me.  Not only did I have this amazing baby but I got to hear from my hubby what we had made.  Talk about one of the very best moment of our lives as parents.

And, of course, we are thrilled to get to see our baby again on Friday for another sonogram.  Each week the doctor wants to check its growth which is the only "good" thing out of this whole situation.

Since Thursday, so far my blood pressure has been staying about the same juuust under the 140/90 mark so I'm having to stay super careful.  My parents came over last night which made it sky rocket over 150/90 so the doctor said I needed to avoid all visitors!  She also mentioned that I shouldn't be surprised my bp ends up rising even if I stay in bed all day because this disease does/can end up progressing no matter what.  So we are continuously praying that I can make it to at least 35 or 36 weeks before that starts to happen.  :)

To be continued....


33.5 Weeks and Bed Rest - Day 1

The time has come once again. The familiar bed rest orders from the doctor.  It's rather unfortunate for this hormonal, emotional, baby-carrying mama.  I remember last time I was put on bed rest (at 33 weeks) crying all-the-stinkin-time.  I couldn't gather myself.  I don't know, but maybe it was because I was put on immediate hospital bed rest instead of "home" bed rest like this time.  Which I am very thankful for.

Thankfully, my bp hasn't elevated to the point of hospital bed rest and we are praying like warriors that it doesn't.  Praying I can keep it down long enough to keep this baby cooking a lot longer than Bossy did.  The worst part of it all is that I again wasn't prepared for this.  I literally keep thinking of every thing I should be getting done, cleaning, packing, laundry, packaging orders, etc. before this baby arrives.  My hospital bag isn't even packed.

So how this started....last Friday I went to my doctor appointment and noticed that my blood pressure had elevated a little.  So she told me to go home and monitor it all weekend and if it went above the 140/90 mark to call her on Monday.  It did twice over the weekend so we made the call Monday morning.  However, we didn't get a call back on Monday so I called first thing Tuesday morning and got a call back from the nurse about an hour later telling me that Dr. K wanted me to come in later that day to check my bp and get some blood work taken.  At the appointment, it wasn't too high, it wasn't high enough for her to admit me into the hospital, but it was high enough for her to order me on bed rest at home until Thursday (tomorrow).  However, she did mention that if "home" bed rest doesn't work, it will be an automatic "go check yourself into the hospital" kinda day on Thursday.  What does bed rest mean?  It means I can only get up to shower and use the bathroom.  That's it.  And boy does it kill me.  I'm always on the go doing something and this is just the pits!  All of my motherly duties have been striped away and are now on the shoulders of my amazing husband.  I have 100% confidence in him but gosh darn it, I want to be doing it all.  Not to mention, he now has to work from home as much as he can with a toddler around until this baby is born.

All the while I'm laid up in the bed relaxing, watching daytime shows (which hasn't happened since the early months of Boston being born, tv is just something we never turn on during the day unless I let him watch a show or movie), responding to emails, blogging, editing pictures, checking my Facebook/instagram and sleeping.  Even though this was my first full day, there's been tons of guilt creeping up on me even though I'm constantly reminded by the hubby that I need to enjoy/take advantage of this down time before I have 2 kids that will be depending on me 24/7.    Easier said than done for this mama.  

To be continued....


backyard digging

Bossy has found his new hobby.  Digging.  He digs several times throughout the day.  I must say it's the cutest thing.  He'll tell me, "I'm going out to dig a little." And there he goes out the back door.  He keeps his rain boots next to the door, puts them on and heads out to his corner of the yard.  His daddy told him he could dig in that corner since it's the corner where we have the most dirt (for some reason our saint augustine grass won't grow in that region).  

I have to say, when I look out the back door windows and see him out there, it's the cutest sight.  Makes me smile every time.  He doesn't need some fancy smancy toy all he needs is a few tractors, a dump truck and dirt.  I can tell his imagination is exploding out there.  #forthememorybook

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